Rats and “toxic water” inspired the latest album by the prolific experimenter.

James Ferraro has announced details of his new album, NYC, Hell 3:00AM, which is set for release on Hippos in Tanks on 15 October (yes, that does seem a long way off).

The follow-up to last year’s Sushi is “about my demons just as much as it’s about society’s demons,” says Ferraro.

The “surreal psychological sculpture” was inspired by the things he sees in New York City, adds the former Skater, such as: “rats, metal landscape, toxic water, junkie friends, HIV billboards, evil news, luxury and unbound wealth, exclusivity, facelifts, romance, insane police presence [and] lonely people… all against the sinister vastness of Manhattan’s alienating skyline.” [via RA]

Hear the disconcerting quietude of ‘Eternal Condition/Stuck 2’ from the album below, and check out the first and second video trailers that appeared last week.


01 Intro
02 Fake Pain
03 Close Ups
04 Beautiful Jon K.
05 Stuck 1
06 Lovers End
07 City Smells
08 Upper East Side Pussy
09 Eternal Condition
10 Stuck 2
11 Niggas
12 Stuck 3 (RATS)
13 Irreplaceable
14 Cheek Bones
15 Nushawn



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