Drone never dies.

Ohio synth three-piece Emeralds have disbanded, but that was never going to be the last we would hear of the trio. Steve Hauschildt has announced that he will be collecting up two discs worth of solo material, released and unreleased, spanning his career from 2005 up until 2012. Much of the material has appeared on the mass of tapes and limited edition CDRs Hauschildt has had a hand in over the last few years, but there’s plenty here for the completists.

Entitled SH, this compilation is intended to show Hauschildt’s development as a solo artist, and chart a path through his time with Emeralds up until the band splintered.


CD1: 2010 – 2012

01 Poinsettia
02 Galloping
03 Thumbprints
04 Uncanny Valley
05 Dimmer
06 Enter Return
07 Familiar Scene
08 Dream in Dial-Up
09 Flatbed Scanner
10 Ampersands
11 Auto Mile
12 Liberty I
13 Liberty II
14 Liberty III
15 Intimate Yell
16 Seabreezes
17 Flyswatter
18 Screenburn
19 By Buildings
20 Vox Ulterior
21 Still Cloudy

CD 2: 2005 – 2009

01 In the Waves
02 Coming Into View
03 Jovian
04 Venn
05 Star Map
06 Backwards Glance
07 OCR
08 Rapt for Liquid Minister
09 Portal
10 Critique of the Beautiful
11 Hemero
12 Hiccup
13 Verbatim
14 Red Corridor
15 Passing Cars
16 Different Directions

SH will be released on September 16 via Editions Mego. [via XLR8R]



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