You saxy thing.

NYC three piece Archie Pelago don’t exactly do things the easy way, working with saxophone, cello and whatever else is on hand to emerge with an unusual and deeply ‘live’ take on the house sound. It’s been left to London’s Thefft to make sense of the pieces, and he’s bashed them together into a stuttering, stripped-down 4/4 slow burner.

Taking snippets of saxophone from the original and tangling them around loose, clip-clopping micro-rhythms there’s little of the pandering to a jazz house sound you might expect. Rather this is a stark and unexpected development that reframes the original track with a double helping of restraint.

FACT challenged Thefft to go Against the Clock and produce a track in ten minutes, you can see (and hear) the results here.

Breezy Whey/Backflight is out now on Archie Pelago Music. [via Mixmag]



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