Krautrap is here.

Rapper and producer Jel, the founder of the influential alt hip hop label Anticon, has announced details of his third album.

Set for release next month, Late Pass is a concise 8-track collection which sounds like “Public Enemy’s Bomb Squad detonating explosives under the prog-rock grooves of German experimental behemoths Can,” according to the label.

The rapper, real name Jeffrey Logan, has offered up ‘La Resolve’ as a taster, and while there’s definitely a little of the bluster of PE and the proggy flavour of Can, the combined effect is, as Logan suggests, something like “Beck circa Odelay if KRS-One was his spirit animal.” [via XLR8R]

Jel also announce via Twitter that he’ll be touring the US in September.

Late Pass arrives on 20 August on Anticon – check out ‘La Resolve’ and the artwork and tracklist below.


01 Late Pass
02 Thnk4U
03 Steady
04 La Resolve
05 Look Up
06 Breathe
07 Bubble
08 Romantisch



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