Parisian electro head Kavinsky has recruited The Weeknd for a new vocal edit. 

As a supplement to recent EP Outrun, the Frenchman is about to drop an accompanying collection of remixes of 2013 track ‘Odd Look’. The list of remixers isn’t to be sniffed at, with A-Trak and Surkin among those contributing their own versions.

Top billing, however, goes to a new edit from The Weekend, who contributes a typically plaintive/randy vocal. For those (and there are many) who find Tesfaye’s groggy odes a shade funkless, this should redress the balance; Abel Tesfaye’s croon sounds gorgeous over Kavinsky’s glossy arpeggiators, glimmering in the darkness. Lyrically, however, it’s Tesfaye as usual (hotel rooms, “You could dress up like twins”, &tc.)

The Weeknd will release forthcoming album Kiss Land on September 10.



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