Wiley returns to Big Dada after his eventual Warner stint: stream new single 'Flying'

Wiley‘s back on UK indie label Big Dada – for the third time – with a new single, ‘Flying’.

It follows an eventful stay at Warner that saw Wiley publicly fall out with the label and leak his latest album The Ascent, despite telling FACT upon signing with the major that this was his chance to “do things right”. Still, he got his biggest ever single out of it in ‘Heatwave’, so it wasn’t all a waste of time.

It’s not the only controversy that grime’s most entertaining figure has prompted this year: earlier this Summer he lost his rag over Glastonbury’s weather and refused to play (key quote: “fuck them and their farm”), and more recently walked off stage after 15 minutes at a Cumbrian festival called Cockrock (key quote: “fuck them pagans in Cumbria”).

Produced by ZDot, Big Dada will release Wiley’s new single, ‘Flying’, this Summer, as a collaborative effort with Wiley’s A-List label. You can stream the single over at Noisey. It marks Wiley’s third stint on Big Dada: he first joined the label to release 2007’s Playtime is Over, then returned to the label again in 2011, releasing 100% Publishing and Evolve or Be Extinct. 



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