“My, oh my it’s a wonderful day.”

Ex-Harry Pussy shredder Bill Orcutt has had a blistering few years, with the rapid one-two punch of A New Way To Pay Old Debts and How The Thing Sings cementing his status as one of the world’s most crucial experimental guitarists. His raucous take on blues is polarizing and jaw-dropping, and the fact that there’s a new album on the way has us frothing at the mouth.

Entitled A History Of Every One, the record will again be handled by Peter Rehberg’s Editions Mego imprint, and our first taster is typically unexpected and comes with a very appropriate wry smirk. A cover of Disney’s ‘Zip A Dee Doo Dah’, Orcutt trounces through the endlessly regurgitated whistle-fest with a mischievous nonchalance. You can barely hear any resemblance to the original and doused in Orcutt’s signature shreds and moans, it ends up about as Disney as a shelf full of Cannibal Corpse LPs – job done.

A History Of Every One will be released on September 30 via Editions Mego. [via Ad Hoc]



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