Watch the birds.

London’s Paul White just released his Watch The Ants EP last week on One Handed Music. As has been the norm for a while now animation house Plastic Horse have done a video for it, this time for the track ‘Seagull Conscience’. As always when these two pair up it’s a pretty abstract affair, as you can see below.

This is in fact the third video from the EP by Plastic Horse, following one for the title cut and the Homeboy Sandman-featuring Find A Way.

Watch The Ants also features Trim, Sean Price and Danny Brown, a frequent collaborator of White. Expect to hear a lot more from these two on Brown’s next album. The next video is for the Trim track, ‘Get Your Head Round This’, and all we know so far is that it involves a late night parking lot adventure and a fancy old car. We do however already know that the track is one of Trim’s finest appearances of late.

You can still buy Watch The Ants directly on Bandcamp or via iTunes. There is also a 12″ vinyl version but it’s fast disappearing, though not as fast as the deluxe package One Handed offered that included a copy of the 12″ and a brand new Paul White beat tape with hand drawn covers by the man himself, whose drawings are as trippy as his music.

You can console yourself for missing out on the beat tapes with White’s mix for Solid Steel’s 25th anniversary celebrations.



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