Yet another leak from the LDR camp.

‘Behind Closed Doors’ finds Lana Del Rey on typically coy and alluring form, murmuring breathily over a jerking pop-funk beat (Sample lyric: “Everybody’s saying you no good for me / But they don’t see the dirty stuff you do to me”).

Judging by the lightweight production and the high-pitched vocal, we reckon it’s another song from Lizzie Grant’s pre-fame years, tying in with recent leaks ‘Maha Maha’ and the Lady Gaga diss track ‘So Legit’.

While the internet is abuzz over these half-forgotten tracks, Del Rey herself is preparing her new album and has also been filming her role in a short feature called Tropico, which reportedly features Jesus Christ, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley as characters.

Listen to ‘Behind Closed Doors’ below:



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