DJ equipment brand Pioneer has stepped up in the studio monitor game with a new range of speakers, the S-DJ X.

Pioneer is well-known for its DJ mixers and CDJ turntables, but although it’s been releasing speaker sets for some time now, it’s rarely talked about as a leader in the field of studio monitors (in short, high-definition speakers designed for music production). Still, considering their competitive pricing (the S-DJ X comes in three versions, priced at 149 Euros (5″), 199 Euros (6″) and 249 Euros (8″) per unit – compare that to Adams AX7s or Genelec 8030As, which will set you back around £800 each for a pair), Pioneer’s new range will doubtless find fans, especially considering that they seem designed to target the thirst for bass that drives many modern producers.

The models are “made from stiff aramid fiber and mounted on thick baffles”, something that “along with the Class AB bi-amplifiers that are powering them, this should result in accurate, resonance-free bass response.” [via Resident Advisor].

Check them out below.



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