The Main ingredient.

Today is Main Attrakionz emcee Mondre M.A.N.‘s birthday, so it’s only fitting that the duo get to celebrate a little. Luckily for us, their way of celebrating is to put out free music, and that’s exactly why we’ve been granted gratis access to brand new EP Jeffro.

Seemingly named after the EP’s producer, Jeffro is brief at only five tracks, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in focus. The duo’s previous release BDE (The Brick Tape), suffered from its length so it’s frankly refreshing to hear the duo reigning things in a little, and the EP might be Mondre and Squadda’s most focused release in a while.

Jeffro’s clattering, lo-fi production suits the two rappers’ flows well, and highlight ‘The Cloud Life’ is maybe Main Attrakionz’ most obvious attempt at a ‘hit’ in some time. Happy birthday Mondre.



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