Footwork producer DJ Rashad announces new album for Hyperdub, <i>Double Cup</i>

Footwork producer DJ Rashad will release his first album for Hyperdub, Double Cup, on October 22.

Rashad has been a key part of the juke and footwork puzzle for some years, releasing albums on Ghettophiles (2011’s Just a Taste) and his own Lit City label (2012’s Welcome to the Chi). This year, he’s mostly worked with Hyperdub, releasing a pair of EPs (Rollin’ and I Don’t Give a Fuck) and making appearances on the label’s Rinse FM show.

Double Cup is a collaboration-heavy affair, with Rashad’s regular partner in crime DJ Spinn making several appearances along with DJ Phil, Manny, Taso, DJ Earl and Addison Groove. You can watch Rashad, along with Ashes57 and Hyperdub’s Scratcha DVA, play judge on the FACT Singles Club below.

1. Feelin (Rashad feat Spinn & Taso)
2. Show U How (Spinn & Rashad)
3. Pass that Shit (Rashad feat Spinn & Taso)
4. She a Go (Rashad feat Spinn & Taso)
5. Only One (Rashad feat Spinn & Taso)
6. Everyday of my Life (Rashad & DJ Phil)
7. I Don’t Give a Fuck (Rashad)
8. Double Cup (Rashad feat Spinn)
9. Drank, Kush, Barz (Rashad feat Spinn)
10. Reggie (Rashad)
11. Acid Bit (Rashad & Addison Groove)
12. Leavin (Rashad & Manny)
13. Let U No (Rashad feat Spinn)
14. I’m Too Hi (Rashad feat Earl)



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