Juicy J streams <em>Stay Trippy</em> with a strip club video game

Juicy J, strippers, and video games, together at last.

Juicy J’s third solo album — and first since ‘Bandz a Make Her Dance’ re-ignited his career — is due out next week. Until then, Stay Trippy can be streamed on the rapper’s website.

But rather than relying on a standard-issue streaming service, the album is used to soundtrack a 2D video game where Juicy J — what else? — throws cash and paint at stripper-pole riding dancers. Players earn points that in turn unlock new tracks (it appears that time will do that, as well). Like Juicy J, it’s all a little silly — but you’ve got to give his team points for such brilliant synergy.

1. Stop It
2. Smokin’ Rollin’ (feat. Pimp C)
3. No Heart No Love (feat. Project Pat)
4. So Much Money
5. Bounce It (feat. Trey Songz and Wale)
6. Wax
7. Gun Plus A Mask (feat. YelaWolf)
8. Smoke A Ni**a (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
9. Show Out (feat. Big Sean and Young Jeezy)
10. The Woods (feat. Justin Timberlake)
11. Money A Do It
12. Talkin’ Bout (feat. Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa)
13. All I Blow Is Loud
14. Bandz A Make Her Dance (feat. Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz)
15. Scholarship (feat. A$AP Rocky)
16. If It Ain’t



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