Go pop. Don’t mean Idol.

Those with good memory will remember a certain Wiley freestyle circa 2006/7 over the Various Production track ‘Hater‘, which at that time was easily the most popular song by the mysterious London outfit. There were rumours following this that a proper collaboration might happen, though like most Wiley collaboration rumours it unfortunately remained simply that.

The man responsible for the Various Production output at the time has since moved on to new things, taking solo flight under the name EAN. A man of diverse skills and musical interests he has in the past couple of years found his feet amid the new school of drum n bass, slow/fast producers releasing the Darknet EP on Om Unit‘s Cosmic Bridge records. He has also worked on Ghostpoet‘s Mercury-nominated debut album and continues to be involved with the likes of Wolfpeople and more.

Being an East Londoner born and bred, EAN’s always had love for the grime scene and he’s showing that love today with a refix of Wiley’s ‘100% Publishing’ single from the 2011 Big Dada album of the same name. Imagine this has the collaboration that never quite happened. EAN keeps it simple: pulsing bass kicks, claps and some nicely chopped breaks for extra vibe. Stream and download the refix below.

For more on EAN you can check our first Bandcamp monthly column which featured his folk project, Stick In The Wheel.



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