Legowelt, Huerco S., Hieroglyphic Being, more featured on Russian LBGT rights compilation

The “left-field techno” compilation will benefit civil rights group GayRussia.

In light of Russia’s increasingly discriminatory policies, LGBT Rights for Russia Now has assembled a 24-track compilation to support GayRussia, an advocacy group that organizes Moscow’s gay pride parade, among other efforts. Dutch synth specialist Legowelt (pictured), “rural” techno artist Huerco S., and Chicago veteran Hieroglyphic Being are joined by Truss, KiNK, Perc, and others on the comp.

The compilation will be available on August 28 via Bandcamp; until then, check out the tracklist below. In related compilation news, Hieroglyphic Being recently announced a compilation of eight tracks produced between 1996 and 2013, A Synthetic Love Life.

1. Legowelt – Rivers III
2. Hieroglyphic Being – A Joyful Noise
3. Kid Machine – Flight Manoeuvres
4. Baz Reznik – One Nation
5. Drvg Culture – The United States of Fuck You
6. Truss – Roath
7. Scanner – Citta
8. Just So Nah – Six O’House
9. De Tuinen – Gay Pride
10. Cottam – Sio March
11. Chris Moss Acid – Acid Box 2
12. KiNK & Neville Watson – Heavy Sweat
13. Rude 66 – Sliding Backwords Into Darkness
14. Leyland James Kirby – The Archaic and Modernism in Russian Culture
15. Kitbuilders – I Try (V-Mix)
16. Erikoismies – Tomtar I En Slang
17. Archie Koba – Capital Trauma
18. Antoni Maiovvi – Ain Love Immortal
19. Mintdeluxe – MDI
20. Run Dust – Justify Your Fine
21. Huerco S. – Azhjjtee
22. Borealis – Jawberry
23. Perc – The Slow Path
24. Meibion – Calon



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