A minute of uneasy ambience should act as a palette cleanser after NIN’s latest single.

Nine Inch Nails will release Hesitation Marks on September 3 via Columbia. Trent Reznor and company enlisted The Downward Spiral artist Russell Mills to design four covers for the album, allegedly using blood and art in their composition.

“I did the layouts and photography for the album,” writes Reznor collaborator Rob Sheridan on his Tumblr, “utilizing artwork created by the brilliant Russell Mills.”

Take a closer look at Sheridan’s layouts and Mills’ art in the below teaser, which also includes about a minute of previously-unreleased music from the album. Update: Spin reports that the track is actually the entirety of album opener ‘The Eater Of Dreams’. The clip is a departure from the band’s surprisingly upbeat ‘Everything’, which Zane Lowe unveiled last week.

Update 2: As Antiquiet reports, a Reddit user has shared over two hours of rehearsal audio from the summer, allegedly from someone on the Nine Inch Nails production team, “complete with Trent dictating and giving notes during the songs.” The complete files include the in-between song banter while fan-site Reflecting The Chrome has reorganized the audio in show order.



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