West coast producer pillages Now Again archive for another headnod compilation.

Oh No, last seen on Fatima’s latest single for Eglo Records, spent the last four years digging through the ever expanding archives of Egon‘s Now Again records and the result is volume two of Oh No Vs Now Again, a collection of beats packaged as modern “library music” for use in synchronisation.

The original Oh No vs Now Again was the first in the series, which also includes offerings from Maker and Cook Classics. Released back in 2007 it was available as a promo only CD before making its way onto the internet. This time around Now Again are releasing the compilation of beats as a limited edition CD in a “mini-LP” thick cardboard “tip-on” sleeve. You can currently find the CD at Fatbeats, and it’s expected to also be on Rappcats – Now Again’s merch partner – in the near future, if it doesn’t sell out before.

As for what to expect, check out two tracks from the 19-track compilation below. Oh No went digging deep this time around, pulling “from American soul, funk and jazz to Iranian folk to Zambian hard rock to create a series of beats that range in mood and style and all contain Oh No’s trademark swagger.” Considering Oh No’s pedigree, you can rest assured this is another sureshot.



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