Watch El-P make a beat from records he chose while blindfolded

The Def Jex boss and Run The Jewels member takes the “Rhythm Roulette” challenge.

Mass Appeal’s Rhythm Roulette series is like FACT’s Against The Clock series, if producers had to select three records while blindfolded. In the latest episode, El-P hit a Bushwick record store, grabbing Leon Haywood’s ‘I’m Out To Catch’, Beethoven’s ‘Choral Fantasy in C minor’, and a seriously damaged copy of something called Back to Music.

Armed with his cigarettes, a vaporizer, a Modelo, and a not-quite-rebuilt sampler, he crafted something appropriately weird and warped; watch the process below. Check out our review of Run The Jewels and Laurent Fintoni’s interview of El and partner-in-crime Killer Mike. [via Potholes]



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