Juicy J details $50,000 twerking scholarship

“You a college chick, you a college chick / Keep twerking baby, might earn you a scholarship.”

Juicy J first announced the contest last week, but after the tweet was deleted, many assumed the offer was part of his promo for new album Stay Trippy, in the vein of the brilliantly synergistic Stay Strippy video game.

Well, never say Juicy J isn’t a man of his word: in collaboration with WorldStarHipHop, the civic-minded rapper is offering one lucky twerker $50,000, and he will be helping to pick the winner of the contest. Applicants are advised to show Juicy J why they deserve the money in a video soundtracked by Stay Trippy‘s ‘Scholarship’; entry form and full details over at WorldStar.

Juicy J makes his pitch below. Check out FACT’s review of Stay Trippy, which found Juicy to be relevant — if not exciting — on his victory lap of an album. [via AHH]



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