Sensations’ Fix – fondly remembered purveyors of mid-1970s reverb-heavy gorgeousness – continue to pound the reissue trail. 

Essentially the baby of Italian artist Franco Falsini, Sensations’ Fix put out a string of aureate kosmische-meets-pop collections throughout the 1970s. Largely home-recorded, Falsini’s work offered a lovely synthesis of Agitation Free’s drift music and the sort of lucent guitar work that Felt and The Durutti Column would go on to make their own in the following decade. Long championed by the likes of Sonic Youth, Falsini’s work got some renewed attention last year thanks to RVNG Intl’s fantastic Music Is Painting In The Air retrospective (one of our favourite reissues of the yearno less).

What with Falsini’s stock being back on the rise, Superior Viaduct are to put out Sensations’ Fix’s 1974 debut album, Fragments Of Light, on vinyl. The new edition marks the first ever wax reissue of the record, and, frankly, it’s four decades overdue: although not quite as elegant as subsequent releases, Fragments Of Light is a wonderful collection of brocaded guitar pop. No bonus business, we’re afraid, but any record boasting fist-pumper ‘Do You Love Me’ (available to sample below) is alright by us.

Fragemnts Of Light is due on September 17. [via Ad Hoc]



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