The evocative scores for David Lynch’s movies and television excursions have proven to be just as influential as the visuals themselves, but sadly physical copies can be hard to come by.

This is exactly why the Sacred Bones imprint re-issued Lynch’s Eraserhead OST on vinyl last year, and now the label have come across an entire stash of long-forgotten CDs. As well as copies of the aforementioned Eraserhead soundtrack, Sacred Bones have unearthed a stash of copies of the very rare soundtrack to the much maligned second season of Twin Peaks. Far more obscure than its ubiquitous predecessor, or even the accompaniment to the bizarre and sometimes brilliant Fire Walk With Me, Twin Peaks‘ second season cues are actually just as essential, and just as peculiar as its first.

Interestingly too, the CD version of Eraserhead contains a rare industrial ‘dance mix’ of the soundtrack by David Lynch and John Neff, which possibly served as a precursor to his more recent flirtations with electronic music.

You can purchase both CDs now over at Sacred Bones’ online store.



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