With garage and house back in the public eye thanks to a bit of coaxing from scene new-wavers Disclosure it seems like just the right time to let the kids know where it all came from in the first place.

Sound History presents a selection of the genres’ most important figures, with Roy Davis Jr representing Chicago’s house legacy, and Shola Ama (who we hope will be bringing Glamma Kid along for the ride) and Sticky holding the fort for the 2-step we all still have a place for in our hearts. Rounding off the line-up will be relative newcomers Eliphino, Luweez (aka dubstep pioneer D1) and Moony who will no doubt provide a window into the swiftly changing scene.

For more information and tickets head here.

Tour dates:

15/10 – Dogma, Nottingham – 9 Byard Lane, NG1 2GJ
16/10 – A Secret Location, Bristol
17/10 – The Faversham, Leeds – 1-5 Springfield Mount, LS2 9NG
18/10 – Fire, London – South Lambeth Road, SW8 1RT
19/10 – Concorde 2, Brighton – Madeira Shelter Hall, Madeira Drive, BN2 1EN
22/10 – Antwerp Mansion, Manchester – Rusholme Grove, off the Curry Mile, Wilmslow Road, M14 5AG



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