Fluid Radio’s Facture label has been quietly dishing out under-the-radar drones for some time now, and their latest is well worthy of closer inspection.

A collaboration between The BoatsCraig Tattersall and media artist Bill Seaman, Seaman & The Tattered Sail‘s Light Folds is an elegiac slice of haunting goodness, aided by the two musicians’ focused vision. While they pieced the record together over the internet for the most part, the album feels surprisingly human – no doubt thanks to the fact that the duo enlisted the help of an alarmingly large group of instrumentalists.

With Tattersall’s well-honed work with saturated tape loops and subtle effects, the result is a dusty, nostalgic and effortlessly engaging collection of tracks, and to celebrate the album’s release, the duo, along with Fluid Radio have come up with a very novel competition.

All you have to do is follow Fluid Radio on Instagram and add a photo to the feed (#lightfolds) that you think represents the title Light Folds. Winners will have to part of the Fluid Radio mailing list, and will be able to win a host of merchandise, from limited edition albums to signed prints. Head over here for more info.

You can take a listen to an hour-long (!) preview of Light Folds below.



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