It’s been a rumor for way too long, but Rough Trade’s NYC storefront is finally a reality.

Set in the hipster conclave of Williamsburg (where else?), the store is set to open on Monday 25 November, and shouldn’t have a great deal of competition. Many of the city’s vinyl hotspots have fizzled out over the last few years, and while Other Music is still going strong, it’s a long way to go for a half-awake Brooklynite who doesn’t fancy crossing the water.

On top of offering a no doubt massive selection of vinyl and music-related merchandise (the location is a generous 15,000 square feet), Rough Trade have teamed up with the Bowery Presents in the hope that they will be able to offer a number of intimate in-store shows.

Rough Trade’s owner Stephen Godfroy seems very hopeful that the store will buck a worrying trend, at least: “We’re extremely excited at the prospect of handing over the ‘blank canvas’, that is a Rough Trade store, to the music lovers of New York, allowing them make it their own culture agora, just as the people of London have so successfully achieved, with downturn-defying results.” [via The Vinyl Factory]



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