Hyperdub-sanctioned UK funky stalwart Ossie unleashes his inner Larry Heard on his latest release with his Black Orange Juice team. 

On stand-out releases like 2011’s Set The Tone and 2012’s Ignore, Ossie refined a fantastically prickly strand of UK funky, all awkward angles and bone-crunching snares. Subsequent releases, such as last year’s Supercali set, have seen him sticking to the grid, trading syncopation for restraint without jettisoning his ear for an irresistable percussion sound.

Black Orange Juice sees Ossie shack up with childhood friends Paul Black and Tilz to make slightly more chart-friendly fare. Last year’s Back Of My Car EP offered neon-lit, vocal-led house, and forthcoming EP 3 Started Alone – due later this month on True Panther Sounds -shows the trio newly besotted with the sound of vintage Chicago house. ‘Started In Paris’ in particular is pure Fingers Inc, which we can always get down with, and Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard ups the vibe count with a cheery remix.

3 Started Alone will arrive on True Panther Sounds on September 23. Click below to stream the EP.

1.  ‘Started In Paris’
2. ‘Alone’
3. ‘I Don’t Know’
4. ‘I Don’t Know’ (Joe Goddard Remix)



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