Birmingham, believe it or not, has had its fair share of classic indie record joints over the years.

Keen vinyl-obsessed residents will talk fondly of The Plastic Factory and the sorely missed Tempest, and legendary outlet Swordfish is still going strong, even if it did have to move to another location. It’s pleasing then to know that there’s another store ready to open its doors, and fittingly it’s going to be located in well-known arts hotspot The Custard Factory.

Proprietors Nathan Warner and Ellena Donlon want the store to “be a place where people can find rare material and discover the new,” and certainly stocking a hodgepodge of genres from metal to experimental drone they’ll be on the right track. They will wisely only be carrying cassettes and vinyl, and will also be stocking a certain amount of musical merchandise in the shape of fanzines (remember those? we do), prints, tee-shirts and comics.

They’re even going to make the store a location for shows, and when they open their doors this Saturday, they’ll have a special DJ set from Napalm Death founder and Type Records solo artist Nicholas Bullen (who FACT recently interviewed), and live music from Female Smell, Black Veins and Ghold to celebrate.

If you’re in Birmingham and love buying tasty musical treats, you know what you have to do. [via The Vinyl Factory]



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