Reliably industrious William Burnett has announced a new cassette, packed with fresh material.

With the deftness of a circus performer, Burnett has kept a multitude of plates spinning over the last few years. He’s skipper of off-kilter dance label W.T. Recordings, and has kept up releases over a slew of different aliases (most notably his Willie Burns moniker) for the likes of The Trilogy Tapes, Rush Hour and Crème Organization. The results range from psychedelic drone to oh-so-voguish grizzled house, but, whatever mode Burnett is operating in, his output tends to impress.

Fresh from having announced a pair of new EPs in August, Burnett has signed up for a promising release for out-there Northern Irish imprint Sex Lies Magnetic Tape, recently responsible for outer-limits releases from WANDA GROUP and Ekoplekz.  Land Vs. Air is due at the tail end of October, and will collect material spanning Burns’ full list of aliases. Willie Burns and Black Deer material will be included, as will music conceived under his Phobian, Grackle and Monobal monikers. Jorge Velez and Marion Guillet are also both listed as guest contributors. The tape will be strictly limited to 100, and will arrive bundled with a supplementary CD.

In order to raise funds for the tape production, Sex Lies Magnetic Tape had made a stash of 35 tapes available for pre-order; head here to nab them. Land Vs Air is due on October 31; album track ‘Honey Let Me’ is available to stream below.

1. Black Deer – Bismark
2. Black Deer – I Had A Moment Alone
3. Black Deer – Wolf, Dear Child
4. Black Deer – Dexatrim
5. Grackle – Sharp Tack
6. Grackle – First Pitch
7. Grackle – Loss Without Hope
8. Grackle – Unlucky
9. Willie Burns – August, Winter In Africa
10. Monobol – Too Hott
11. Willie Burns – Honey Let Me 04:33
12. Willie Burns – One Thousand Pieces
13. Phobian – 121242
14. Monobol – Johnny Marr



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