The analogue Swedes push on with their late renaissance.

Frak are to re-release their 1993 long-player Alice in Acidland, with Joachim Nordwall’s iDEAL Recordings providing a new home for the trio’s breakbeat-driven acid rave artefact.

According to Nordwall, the three-track record – originally released on Börft – was instrumental in his musical education:

“20 years ago, in 1993, Börft Records released the, to me and my friends, very important record Alice In Acidland. I was at the time working with Zwarre with Börft and we had some amazing parties in his parents house in Johannishus listening to techno and rave stuff mixed with old school industrial stuff, and went to raves in the remote south east part of Sweden. Zwarre recorded this himself and it blew my mind. Still does! To celebrate my friends and our common memories of growing up together, I decided to rerelease this record on iDEAL as I still think it’s great and some sort of time machine. I am here and I am there.”

Though they’ve existed since the late ’80s, Frak’s profile has been boosted in the past couple of years with a flurry of new releases, including a bunch of EPs for Kontra-Musik and a handful of records for labels including Sex Tags Mania and their old home Börft. They’ll also feature on the newly launched Swedish imprint Skum, set up by techno duo Skudge with Kontra-Musik. [via JunoPlus]

Alice in Acidland will be released on black vinyl in an edition of 500 copies in November. Here’s a seven-minute taster – it’s absolutely ridiculous:



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