Software might be best known for seeking out the leftfield pop of Autre Ne Veut and the spannered techno of Huerco S. but they also run a pretty diverse sideline in divisive experimental music.

The series entitled SSTUDIOS invites artists involved in experimental electronic music to collaborate and create brand new works, and Wake Up Awesome is the second of these ventures for the label. Norwegian noise veteran Lasse Marhaug, New York-based mad genius C. Spencer Yeh and fearless experimental cellist Okkyung Lee are hardly strangers, but hearing them all in a studio together untethered by expectations is a rare and invigorating experience.

You can stream and excerpt of the record below, and get a peek into the trio’s jaw-dropping collision of grizzled noise, screeching strings and garbled voices. It ain’t gonna be for everyone, but isn’t that what makes it so much better?

Wake Up Awesome is due for release on November 18 via Software Recording Co.



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