Stream Randomer's gnarly new single for Hemlock, 'Bring' / 'Curtains'

God bless Randomer.

The London-based producer makes fucked-up music to dance, tweak and sweat like a bastard to. He doesn’t discriminate: it could be Dillinja-influenced drum’n’bass, rampaging techno or grime bit-crushed to within an inch of its life, but the intention and the outcome usually remain the same.

On his latest single for Hemlock, out September 30, Randomer brings it hard as ever: ‘Bring’ is like deep house dragged into hell, with a simple bassline and 4×4 kick accompanied by diva samples processed to sound like imps raking their fingers down the back of your brain, while ‘Curtains’ is on some VHS space-funk flex.

Check Randomer’s FACT mix for more racket.



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