Let’s get one thing straight, Drake‘s not a gangster.

He is however an actor (never forget) – so who’s to say he can’t play a convincing bad boy in Bill Pope’s cinematic video for smash hit ‘Hold On We’re Going Home’? Well he certainly gives it a shot, tooling up in a room full of heaters with his crew (comprised of A$AP Rocky, Fredo Santana and more) to save a damsel in distress, and while it’s the most confusingly literal lyric-to-video treatment we’ve seen in a while, you’ve got to give Drake credit here.

Pope’s Michael Mann-inspired 1980s Miami is spot on, and the fact that we get to see Drake wielding a machine gun and jumping from flames, well, let’s just say it’s a role he didn’t really get to experience in his Degrassi tenure. A$AP Rocky’s brief appearance is less successful.

FACT discussed the myth of Drake in a recent round table session, you can read what we thought of Nothing Will Be The Same and his possible psychopathic tendencies here. [via Complex]



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