If you’ve listened to contemporary American popular music in the last few years you’ve probably heard the world Molly pop up more than once.

Rappers love it, and for EDM fans it’s a way of life, filling the same void that ecstasy did in the UK in the late 80s and 90s. Molly is touted as a pure form of MDMA, but studies have shown, of course, that the reality is much more unpredictable. Ingesting pure MDMA will cause you to sweat and your heart to race, but ingesting a cheaper substitute actually exacerbates these problems, making bottled water something of a necessity at the club.

It’s either cynical then or weirdly responsible that budding entrepreneur Ken Unaeze is aiming his bottled water brand Mollywtr squarely at the club scene. As if you didn’t get the blatant reference in the name of the product itself, Unaeze has hammered in the point even further with a series of ‘humorous’ drug-referencing teeshirts, no doubt aiming at the same people who buy pictures of the alien dude exclaiming “take me to your dealer.”

Unaeze claims his intentions are pure, telling LA Times “I thought, is there a water product that is marketing to this scene, and is communicating some important messages about water to this scene?” He says that at clubs, there is a “stigmatization of water consumption,” noting that it’s much cooler to be seen drinking say, a Bud Light. Well, for a measly $5 you can now look just as cool as your Bud drinking friends, sipping on “hydration that you can feel.”

Want to know how Mollywatr got it’s vowel-severed moniker? “When you read the name, there is clearly no E in the water.” Groan.

Update: It seems the story just keeps getting better – Mollywatr actually glows in the dark. Don’t believe us? Check the picture below.



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