While still best known for his axe wielding in legendary noise duo Yellow Swans (along with Pete Swanson), Gabriel Saloman has been quietly treading the solo path for some time now.

Last year’s Adhere was a haunting, low-key highlight, and we’re pleased to announce that from what we’ve heard, its follow-up Soldier’s Requiem is even stronger. A chaotic, yet wisely-honed collection of acoustic and electric sounds, Mindel expertly blends noisier elements with disarmingly beautiful drones and militaristic percussion.

‘Boots on the Ground’ is a great introduction to the album’s themes, and through a murky rain-soaked haze of plucked guitar and Badalamenti-inspired synth we are eventually tossed into the cacophonous final third, bringing to mind Mindel’s Yellow Swans years with surprising ease.


01 Mine Field
02 Marching Time
03 Boots on the Ground
04 Cold Haunt

Soldier’s Requiem is due for release on November 8 via Miasmah.



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