Dealth Waltz have become a reliable institution over the last few years, and their continuing run of re-issues has gone from strength to strength.

Not content with having an EP in the works from arguably the genre’s greatest band – Goblin – the label have revealed the artwork and tracklists for their next two releases – the scores for Lucio Fulci’s controversial slasher flick The New York Ripper, and recent documentary Room 237.

The New York Ripper soundtrack has us most excited, and Francesco De Masi’s disco-laced score aptly conjures up the gritty New York of Basket Case and Taxi Driver rather than the bland, glassy Apple Store we’re left with now. The cover itself comes from Nick Percival, and is a marvelous pastiche of E.C. Comics (who birthed the influential Tales From the Crypt), complete with era-specific price tag (you really can’t score comics for 25c these days) and folded paper.

Unlike many of Death Waltz’s releases Room 237 is actually a contemporary, unreleased score from prog fetishits Jonathan Snipes & William Hutson. The film itself is a documentary of sorts, pitched around Stanley Kubrick’s influental classic The Shining, and fittingly given the involvement of Death Waltz, its soundtrack is a blend of fuzzy analogue electronics and decadent 70s prog.

The New York Ripper is released on LP on October 22, Room 237 is released on CD and LP on October 30. [via Juno Plus]


The New York Ripper

A1 New York One More Day
A2 Phone Call
A3 New York One More Night
A4 Puertorico club
A5 The Ripper
A6 Fay
B1 Where Is The Ripper?
B2 New York …One Night
B3 Puertorico Club
B4 Suspense And Murder
B5 Waiting For The Killer

Room 237

01 Recourse To Eagles
02 To Keep From Falling Off
03 Escape Pod
04 Minotaur
05 Barry Lyndon Is A Boring Movie
06 Suite 3
07 Universal Weak Male
08 Ignorance Of Visual Information
09 They Didn’t Need To Do That
10 Moon Landing
11 Everything In Focus
12 People Look Like Giants
13 This Deeper Story
14 Dies Irae



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