If you thought The Weeknd couldn’t get any sleazier, well, you were wrong.

Everyone’s favourite “lecherous beta male” is back with a fittingly misjudged scheme; to offer up Kiss Land themed condoms at his upcoming shows. Because surely that’s what his fans want – to have Abel Tesfaye’s face on their junk as they attempt to drunkenly seal the deal.

We can blame ONE Condoms for allowing this to happen, and its CEO David Wedel offered this choice nugget:

“With performances known for sexy mood and vibe, The Weeknd embodies the hip, edgy, artistic character of our customers, his music evokes a passion and intimacy that perfectly complement the sensuality of ONE products.”

Excuse us while we lose the contents of this morning’s breakfast sandwich in a nearby trash can.

Somewhat fittingly, today FACT’s very own Lauren Martin offered her thoughts on exactly why The Weeknd’s creepy misogyny is worthy of discussion. [via Pitchfork]



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