Dismantled jungle with hardcore flourishes? We’re game.

We first tapped into Tessela when he was making flailing, disorderly techno that sounded like the swift termination of a game of Jenga. Those early Blawan-indebted releases have given way to a more focused sound in the last year – breakthrough proper ‘Hackney Parrot’ offered stuttering machine-tooled jungle with a spiritual debt to Ramadanman’s classic late-2000s run.

‘Horizon’, taken from Tessela’s forthcoming R&S platter Nancy’s Pantry, sees the Bristolian snatching a few leaves out of Lone’s brightly coloured bath book. The real talking point here are those lurid happy-hardcore stabs, layered over the same sort of tumbling breakbeat programming that characterised its predecessor. There are tricks up ‘Horizon”s sleeve, though, with a couple of unexpected stop-starts and wrong turns tossed-in to keep the complacent raver on their toes.

Nancy’s Pantry is available on 12″ R&S on October 10.



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