Stephen O' Malley and Mika Vainio join forces as ÄÄNIPÄÄ, announce album for Editions Mego

Hot on the heels of news of the first Pan Sonic album since 2000 comes news of another exciting Mika Vainio project. 

ÄÄNIPÄÄ will see Vainio team up with Sunn O))) figurehead Stephen O’ Malley. Both, of course, have serious pedigree: the former with two decades worth of experimental electronic solo releases under the Ø alias and his own name, the latter across a string of solo and collaborative (Nazoranai, KTL, Lotus Eaters) releases.

ÄÄNIPÄÄ album Through A Pre-Memory is due on Editions Mego in November, and will feature material taken from three years worth of recording sessions. The four-track LP was laid down at Einstürzende Neutbauten’s studio in Berlin, and, according to the label, should be listened to with the following edict in mind: “MAXIMUM VOLUME YIELDS MAXIMUM RESULTS”.

Through A Pre-Memory is due on November 11. Interestingly, Through A Pre-Memory isn’t the pair’s first collaborative effort: Pan Sonic worked with Sunn O))) on a suitably noisy cover of Suicide’s ‘Che’ back in 2008.  FACT’s Ruaridh Law interviewed Mika Vainio earlier this year.


1. Muse
2. Toward All Thresholds
3. Mirror Of Mirror Dreams
4. Watch Over Stillness / Matters Principle



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