Manchester duo Akkord to release debut album for Fabric's Houndstooth label

Manchester-based duo Akkord will be releasing their debut album for Fabric sub-label Houndstooth in the coming months.

Yesterday, the shady pair – both of whom have been releasing singles individually since the late ’00s – posted a countdown on their Tumblr, we believe to the album’s release date on November 25 (Houndstooth have already confirmed that an album is in the works on the label’s official Twitter). The album will follow a pair of self-released singles and a recent EP, Navigate.

The duo have also re-posted the recent video for Navigate‘s title track, accompanied by a number 8 (of sorts), on Facebook. This, we suppose, could be a reference to the track’s place on the album tracklist. More as we have it.

Stream Akkord’s ‘Navigate’ below.



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