Prince to play a concert at his Paisley Park estate

Prince, 3rdEyeGirl, and the New Power Generation will open the doors of Paisley Park Studios this Saturday.

Prince and friends will play a proper concert at his $10 million suburban estate on Saturday night. As expected, entry is limited and there are no advance tickets, and the list of things not to bring (alcoholic drinks, cell phones, audio recorders, cameras) is longer than what to bring (dancing shoes). Head to City Pages for full details.

“We really just wanted to open up Paisley to the public and invite Minnesota and anybody else who can make it out,” says 3rdEyeGirl drummer Hannah Ford. “This one is moreso like a spur-of-the-moment event to spend time with our community and throw a big concert for everybody and show off some of the stuff we’re working on.”

Last we heard, Prince was working on an album entitled Plectrum Electrum with 3rdEyeGirl, and there’s also that cover art. [via CoS]



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