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Essential Radio Listening: #02: No Boring Intros

For all the advances in how, and where, we consume music, there’s still no substitute in our book for the regular radio show – that intimate, authoritative portal into unfamiliar music old or new. With podcasting and online streaming creating a global platform for local stations, there are a wealth of essential shows that should be in any adventurous listener’s diary. In this new occasional FACT series, we’ll be profiling our favourite shows from across the globe.

Show: No Boring Intros

Station: NTS

Host: Jon Rust

When: Every other Tuesday, 22.00-00.00 GMT

What: Two years into operations, Dalston-based internet station NTS Radio has cultivated a wonderfully rich schedule: from Blackest Ever Black’s stygian sessions to FACT mixer Moxie‘s polyglot sets; from regular spots from Lukid and Last Japan, to Mamiko Motto’s well-travelled ‘Hepcat Radio’ show.

Station long-timer Jon Rust has just snipped the ribbon on a new imprint, LEVELS, so now seemed as good a time as any to big-up his wonderful ‘No Boring Intros’ show – possibly our favourite Saturday drivetime spot on the airwaves. Rust’s programming policy is strictly anything-goes – if it’s likely to help listeners transition from afternoon mooching to evening stepping, it’s in. The trajectory tends to be fairly standard: rare groovers and slow-burners to start, with tempos and stakes gradually rising in the second hour. But the selections are always judicious – you might hear Archie Bell alongside Black Orange Juice, or Chaka Khan sharing space with Kelela, and there’s rarely an awkward fit to be found. Plus, as you’d expect from the title, spiel is kept to a minimum.

Playlist: On the most recent evidence, classic groove (Aswad) and psycotropic disco (Tantra); Beau Wanzer and Madteo’s out-there house music; and, taking us home, classics from Robert Armani, Robert Hood and Paperclip People.

How to listen: stream via the NTS website.



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