Download 45GB worth of cult rapper Lil B, including all his albums and mixtapes, documentaries, lectures and more

A Reddit user has made 45GB worth of Lil B music available to download, including material not available on the cult Berkeley rapper’s mixtapes or albums.

Since focusing on his solo career, Lil B has released an astonishing number of full-lengths, mostly for free – and even when they’re presented as albums, selling on iTunes, he often provides alternative free download links. Unless you’re a dedicated member of the Task Force, Lil B’s rabid fanclub, it’s nigh-on-impossible to keep up, but if you think you’ve got what it takes to tackle 45GB of the Based God then the set is spread across these five torrents (it’s Pirate Bay, so depending on your location you may have to proxy):

Discography Pt 1
Discography Pt 2
Discography Pt 3
Discography Pt 4

Here’s the full list of what’s included:


2009: I’m Thraxx
2009: 6 Kiss
2010: Rain in England
2011: Angels Exodus
2011: I’m Gay (I’m Happy)
2012: Choices and Flowers
2012: Tears 4 God


2007: S.S. Mixtape Vol. 1 (with Young L)
2009: S.S. Mixtape Vol. 2 (with Young L)
2009: Based Blunts Vol. 1
2010: Paint
2010: Dior Paint
2010: Base World Pt. 1
2010: Roses Exodus
2010: Pretty Boy Millionaires (with Soulja Boy)
2010: Everything Based
2010: MF Based
2010: Blue Flame
2010: Gold Dust
2010: Where Did The Sun Go
2010: Red Flame
2010: Red Flame: Evil Edition
2010: MM..Christmas
2011: Red Flame: Devil Music Edition
2011: Free Music: The Myspace Collection
2011: Illusions of Grandeur
2011: Bitch Mob: Respect Da Bitch Vol. 1
2011: I Forgive You
2011: Black Flame
2011: The Silent President
2011: BasedGod Velli
2011: Blue Eyes
2011: Goldhouse
2012: White Flame
2012: God’s Father
2012: #1 Bitch
2012: The BasedPrint 2
2012: Trapped In BasedWorld
2012: Water Is D.M.G. Pt. 1
2012: Green Flame
2012: Rich After Taxes
2012: 848 Song Based Freestyle Mixtape
2012: Task Force
2012: Obama Basedgod
2012: Based Jam
2012: Frozen
2012: Illusions of Grandeur 2
2012: Halloween H2O
2012: Crime Fetish
2012: Glassface
2013: Pink Flame
2013: P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thug)
2013: 100% Percent Gutta


20XX: Singles
20XX: The Pack Discography


Documentaries & Lectures
Takin’ Over
YouTube – BlackManVideos
YouTube – lilbpack1



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