FACT mix 403: Tama Sumo

Sometimes it’s the best DJs that are the hardest to write about.

Take Tama Sumo, for instance. With no real production career and only one mix CD, Ostgut Ton’s Panorama Bar 02 to her name, the Berlin-based DJ has released very little – there’s not even a surplus of recorded sets. But listen to the way that some of Europe’s most renowned DJs – the likes of Ben UFO and Nick Hoppner, for instance – talk about Tama Sumo and it becomes clear that she’s one of the most respected around. There’s no gimmick to latch onto with Tama, no quirk that makes her an exception to whatever rules exist in this whole game, she’s simply one of the best house and techno DJs around.

Tama’s been DJing since the early 1990s, holding down residencies at Drama and Café Moskau before graduating to the city’s Tresor club. As the nineties rolled into the noughties, she became a regular at Panorama Bar and Berghain – the set of clubs that she remains aligned with. In truth, Tama’s sound is somewhere between the two: she’s certainly more house than she is techno, but her sets pulse with the kind of bass more associated with the Berghain’s darker sound than Panorama’s.

Look, we could talk about why Tama Sumo’s great all day – fact is, her FACT mix will do a better job at convincing you than any copy we can muster up on a Monday morning. It’s a spiritual experience from that first Shackleton mix on – thanks to secretsundaze for helping hook this one up.


1. Stefan Vincent: Welder
2. Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit: 255-6 – Shackleton Remix
3. Mark Ernestus pres. Jeri-Jeri: Bamba
4. Unknown Artist: Gift Of The Gnawa (Joe Claussell – Unofficial Edits and Overdubs)
5. Lerosa: Longing
6. Juju & Jordash: Deep Blue Meanies
7. The Mole: Lockdown Party – Sprinkle’S Crossfaderama
8. Soul 223: This City Never Sleeps – Nitelife Mix
9. Chris Mitchell: 213 NI
10. Fade II Black: Insistant Rhythm
11. UR: Atomic Witchdokta
12. Joe Claussell – Eno
13. Kyle Hall: Dr. Crunch
14. The Fantasy: NOM NOM NOM
15. SJNRL09: City (Volcov Edit)
16. Bosq Of Whiskey: Up & Down
17. Aqua Regia: New York Smile On Me
18. Misguided: Overcast
19. KSoul & Muteoscillator: Stinger
20. Theo Parrish: Bubbles
21. Gene Hunt: Is The Colour
22. GB (Gifted & Blessed): The Sustainer
23. Dego & 2000 Black Family: Find A Way



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