RZA and Interpol's Paul Banks collaborating on new album

The Wu-Tang mastermind continues to color outside the lines of hip-hop.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, RZA names his next collaborator, following recent work with everyone from James Blake to Yoko Ono: Interpol frontman Paul Banks (who made his first foray into hip-hop earlier this year with the Everybody On My Dick Like They Supposed To Be mixtape).

“We’re doing an album together. I love Paul. We’re been working on it for six months now. He just left my house. He came and spent two weeks at my house – I have a guesthouse in my studio. Warner Bros, they gave us a deal. Musically that’s what I’m doing. What I did tonight, that’s a taste of it, me with a band.”

“My manager came to me and said, “Who do you want to do an album with?” I said, “Well, Paul just has an energy about him. I think if we put our sandwich together it will be great.” Me and Paul, we play chess together and just hang out. We went to the studio and we started writing songs and they sound very, very different than what I do, but very unique and very peculiar. But it won’t be out for a while. It may take us a year to finish this album. That’s where my heart is at musically.”

Meanwhile, RZA says that he personally cleared the sample of ‘It’s Yourz’ on Drake’s ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ “free of charge,” saying that he’s “really proud that [Drake] chose that rap.” Take that, Inspectah Deck.



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