Friendzone share debut album <em>DX</em> as name-your-price release

The producers behind A$AP Rocky’s ‘Fashion Killa’ and frequent Main Attrakionz collaborators release an impressive full-length effort.

When we interviewed Friendzone last month, James Laurence described DX as the duo’s “heart and soul.” “I wanted to make an album that would make people’s heads spin,” added Dylan Reznick, “make them rethink their ideas about music a little.”

The orchestral, synth-drenched, Aphex Twin-referencing tour de force is now available through the group’s Bandcamp as a name-your-price release. Stream DX below; buyers also receive eight bonus tracks.

Also below is the spaced-out video for ‘Poly’, which is directed by Green Ova producer .L.W.H.. DX precedes Main Attrakionz‘s forthcoming 808s and Dark Grapes III, of which Friendzone produced the entirety.



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