Stream Autechre's <i>L-event</i> EP in full

Electronic trailblazers Autechre‘s new EP, L-event, will be streaming here for the next 24 hours.

A follow-up to this year’s album Exai, the 26-minute long EP will be released on October 28. If you’d rather stream the album and watch it glitch the FACT website to shreds, then this link will do it for you (alternatively, you can replace in that link with whatever website you wish and it’ll have the same effect).

Rob Brown and Sean Booth’s collective discography was explored earlier this month in FACT’s guide to The Essential… Autechre. Another recent turn-up for the Autechre books: long-lost footage of the duo playing live in 1991 is now available to watch.

Stream Autechre’s FACT mix here.



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