Powell‘s relatively young Diagonal imprint is growing very nicely indeed, and its fifth release is another fine acquisition. 

Diagonal have just dropped a disco-besotted set from Craig Clouse’s Shit and Shine project, and discs are on the way from seasoned art/noise troublemaker Russell Haswell and heads’ favourites Death Comet Crew.

Diagonal’s next drop arrives courtesy of Jim Donadio’s Prostitutes project. Active since 2011, Prostitutes caught proper notice with last year’s Psychedelic Black LP – an impressive set of austere, forensic noise techno. Follow-up Crushed Interior arrived on Digitalis earlier this year and promptly swooped into our favourite albums of the quarter, and his strong contribution to Opal Tapes’ Mirror & Gate series further elaborated his sound.

The Shatter And Lose EP, due out later this week, offers four tracks of stuttering, frazzled techno: ‘Kisses Undelivered’ shares more than a little DNA with Art Of Noise’s choppier experiments, ‘Poison The Masses’ is ’80s electro as reimagined by Pan Sonic, and ‘Crawl On You At Night’ offers nightstalker No Wave, like Suicide on particularly dodgy drugs. Artwork arrives courtesy of Guy Featherstone, who persuaded two prostitutes near London’s Caledonian Road to pose for pictures (sounds very SALEM to us).

As per the Shit’N’Shine release, we have an exclusive full stream of the EP below. Shatter And Lose is due on October 18 on 10″ vinyl and digital download.

A1 ‘Kisses Undelivered’
A2 ‘Poison The Masses’
A3 ‘Crawl On You At Night’
A4 ‘Sold A Decade At A Time’



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