David Bowie voted history's best-dressed Brit

The Thin White Duke beats The Virgin Queen in a landslide.

In this month’s issue of BBC History Magazine, Bowie was chosen by academics and fashion experts for his “impact on British fashion history.” With 48.5% of the vote, Bowie beat Queen Elizabeth I (13.6%), Duchess of Devonshire Georgiana Cavendish (9.5%), and iconic fashioner Beau Brummell (8.4%) handedly.

Designer Wayne Hemingway nominated Bowie, telling historyextra that, “Bowie has profoundly influenced so many of us,” adding “here was a creative genius who understood art and design, looked cool, inspired us and upset the establishment. All these attributes lead to things that drive humankind forward.”

Since releasing The Next Day earlier this year, Bowie has returned to the headlines: rumors abound about a return to the stage, he’s shared his list of favorite books, and he’s been remixed by James Murphy.



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