The mysterious London collective spoil us.

Only a matter of days after teasing their new Epirtsder EP with lead track ‘JPES’, Old Apparatus have unveiled the whole six-track collection – and made it available as a free download.

The EP, which follows last year’s trilogy of EPs and this year’s Compendium compilation, is as shadowy and furtive as you’d expect from the anonymous, bass-centred group, journeying through humid dronescapes (‘Spin’), mournful computer blues (‘Baboon’), shimmering nocturnes (‘Hazley’), gently dubbed out collages (‘Moon’) and stately electronica (‘JPES’. We’d advise you to grab this one immediately.

Old Apparatus made their debut in 2011 on Mala’s Deep Medi label and later set up their own Sullen Tone label. FACT spoke to the mysterious quartet last summer, and they in turn handed in their own deeply eclectic FACT mix.

Stream Epirtsder in full, and download it here:



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