Death Grips drummer Zach Hill directs Robert Pattinson, Colin Hanks in film about male prostitution

The art-punks plan to use their Thirdworlds imprint to release music and other art.

When announcing new endeavor Thirdworlds in July, Death Grips mentioned plans for drummer Zach Hill to write and direct an original feature film that would be soundtracked with all new Death Grips music. More details on the film, entitled Misoneism, have also been revealed, via press release.

The film, “conceived with the ethos of Sacramento’s 70′s independent films,” was shot entirely in monochrome film and “follows the exploits of a young man forced into the underground prostitution business in Brazil.” It stars Twilighter Robert Pattinson and Colin “Son of Tom” Hanks, and in true Death Grips fashion, it “hopes to shed light on the matter in a shocking and abrasive way.”

Thirdworlds is a partnership with Harvest, Capitol, and Caroline Records. Additionally, the band announced plans for vocalist Stefan Burnett to release a limited edition hardback book of visual artwork through the venture.

The film is scheduled for a Spring 2014 release, with a one-time showing at Death Grips’ hometown Guild Theatre, and the previously released Death Grips track ‘Birds’ (below) is apparently an OST cut. Considering how the band has toyed with the press, their label, and their fans in the past, the film promotion could very well be yet another performance art piece — but it would certainly explain this photo that surfaced over the summer of the band, Pattinson, and Beyoncé. [via Pigeons and Planes]

Update: That was quick: Death Grips told Pitchfork that none of this is true and that they don’t know who sent the letter. The alleged press release notes that “in a sense, the promotion is a social experiment. We purposefully employed very high profile actors to star in an experimental, avant-garde film, promoted only on smaller indie music websites and publications for reasons that we will reveal in the upcoming press kit,” so as even Pitchfork admits, “this being Death Grips… who knows what’s going on.”



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