Doom metal heroes Sunn O))) dust off one of their keynote releases. 

2005’s Black One is the Seattle band’s fifth album release, and it’s often tagged as their most approachable. Although the slow-moving drones of lore are present and correct, Black One sees Greg Anderson and Stephen O’ Malley work with shorter, more song-based structures, with some pointed nods towards Norwegian black metal to boot. It’s also the band’s most populous album to date, featuring a sizeable cast of underground metallers: regular collaborator Oren Ambarchi, Xasthur’s Maelfic, Leviathan member Wrest and John Weise all contribute.

Late next month, the band’s Southern Lord label will issue a 2xLP repress of the album. The new edition will arrive on black vinyl (1000 copies), white/grey vinyl (1000 copies) and, if you’re a European, on silver discs; all releases will come in a “thick Stoughton style gatefold jacket.”

Black One is due on November 29; head here to pre-order the set. The release coincides with Record Store Day’s post-Thanksgiving Black Friday event. Sunn O))) featured in our rundown of the 50 best 10″ of the last decade. [via Exclaim]

1. Sin-Nanna 2:19
2. It Took The Night To Believe
3. Cursed Realms
4. Orthodox Caveman
5. Candlegoat
6. Cry For The Weeper
7. Bathory Erzsebe



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